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ROman FlyingRO-MAN

Industry Expert
Mobile 1.800.Rescue.Me
Email ROinfo@G-C.COM

Studied under Loeb and Sourirajan during development of the first RO membranes (1959)



• Over 55 years of industry experience
• Founding member, G-C Super Heroes of Water Treatment Team
• X-Ray vision for troubleshooting membrane fouling and failures
• Delivers samples to the lab “faster than a speeding bullet”
• Clarifies confusing concepts in a “Flash”
• Takes on tough issues

ROman With Books

Any water treatment supplier can sell you chemicals but very few can offer over 111 years of water treatment expertise. The team of water treatment experts at Garratt-Callahan work together to provide solutions to even the most challenging water treatment systems.

You deserve value and I can quantify the value you will receive by using Garratt-Callahan. As an expert in water treatment I can calculate the amount of money you will save on water & energy. I can also provide an analysis to show you how much you will save in decreased system down-time and, possibly, estimate, how we can extend your equipment life.

Many of our most loyal customers came to us because another company sold them just chemicals and not the expertise to optimize their water treatment systems.

Sample Video of RO-man in Action


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