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Garratt-Callahan Company was founded in Seattle in 1904 and relocated to San Francisco after World War I. Offices and manufacturing operations soon opened in Chicago and the New York metropolitan area. After World War II, the third generation of the Garratt family became active in the business and continued to expand, adding facilities in Texas and Georgia.

Today, with our extensive research and development facilities, modern analytical laboratories, nationwide production facilities, and advanced technical services, Garratt-Callahan is the largest privately-owned water treatment company in North America.


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1904 : Edward C. Garratt and John Callahan form the Garratt-Callahan Company in Seattle, Washington

1904 : “Magic Boiler Preservative” was introduced to the Sioux Line Railroad. A ten-drum order was given and started “Magic” on the railroads.

1907 : The Northern Pacific and Great Northern lines order 720 drums of “Magic”.

1915 :  The company paid its first dividend.  After which the company paid a dividend every quarter since.

1918 :  After the end of World War I, the company purchased Liberty Bonds in the amount of $20,000 and never sold any until 1932. This investment helped the company through the 1926 business collapse or depression.

1924 :  The best year of business, after liberal salaries and expenses, we showed about $80,000 profit ($1,061,738 by todays standard).

1926 : The Florida Boom collapsed and a real depression hit the Country hard.

1930 : The Railroads “Dieselized” cutting out the use of steam and cutting company sales which were running, at the time, 200 barrels a month.

1932 : Ed Garratt passed away and A.H. Baker became president with John Callahan as Vice-President.

1942 : The company was split by two stock holder groups into the Garratt-Callahan company of Illinois and the Garratt-Callahan Company of California.

1960 : Garratt-Callahan Company of Illinois and the Garratt-Callahan Company of California were reconciled into one national company.

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