Careers FAQs

How should I apply for a position at Garratt-Callahan?
Once you see a position of interest listed on the Garratt-Callahan Jobs site, please click on the specific position. You will then receive specific information about how to apply and what we look for.

Will you contact me regarding the status of my submission?
Given the quantity of resumes we receive, we’re unfortunately not able to contact people individually with specific feedback. However, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your submission.

How often should I reapply?
As clichéd as it sounds, timing is everything. Numerous Garratt-Callahan employees applied several times before being hired, so please don’t be discouraged. Generally, we recommend reapplying every 6 months unless there is a change in your contact information or you’re interested in applying for a different position.

How do I apply?
Please apply directly online and, if applicable, upload your materials as specified in the job posting.

How long will my resume be kept on file?
If we feel your experience and skill set are a fit but we don’t have any current openings, your resume will be archived for 2 years.

If I am not authorized to work in the United States, can I still apply at Garratt-Callahan?
Garratt-Callahan is interested in hiring the best and brightest, and we feel fortunate to have artistic and technical folks from around the globe. Unfortunately, the requirements and process for obtaining work visas is complicated and difficult. We recommend you become familiar with the qualifications for obtaining visas (H1-B, TN, O-1, etc.), and if you meet these requirements, we welcome you to apply.

What format should I submit my resume in?
You have the option of uploading a resume or copying and pasting resume text. All document formats accepted.

How do I upload and view my resume?
After you click Apply Now, you will be prompted to upload or copy and paste your resume. You will be able to use this resume for future applications if you wish. However, you will not be able to view your submitted resume/attachments.

Can I edit my application once I have submitted it?
Once you submit an application, it’s been submitted and the application or resume cannot be updated or deleted. You can, however, reapply with an updated resume.

How can I ensure that my application went through?
You will receive an email confirming that your application has been received. If not, you may want to reapply.

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