Green Chemistry

Garratt-Callahan has more than a century of experience helping businesses maximize their water and energy efficiency and the useful life of their equipment while treating our environment respectfully. But today, environmentally sound water treatment is more important than ever. Our G-C GreenTech water treatment programs are expressly designed to conserve resources – both yours and our planet’s.

G-C GreenTech Program

Developed through years of research and field evaluation of “green” materials for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, G-C GreenTech is a complete, integrated combination of products and services including “green chemistry,” corrosion control, and energy usage programs. These proven programs ensure that your systems operate at peak performance. That means less impact on the environment. Longer, more trouble-free life for your equipment. And energy cost savings that go straight to your bottom line.

Green Chemistry Alternatives

It all starts with the chemicals used to treat your water. With guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our list of “green products” offered is continuously expanding, and more and more raw material suppliers are producing “greener” chemicals. This positive trend enables Garratt-Callahan to develop and recommend formulas that are more environmentally friendly according to one or more of the EPA’s 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. As part of your G-C GreenTech program, Garratt-Callahan will suggest “green” chemical alternatives for treating your system.

Using the right chemicals is only half of the solution; they must be used in the correct concentrations. Your G-C GreenTech program also employs specialized feed and monitoring equipment to ensure that you’re using just the right amount of chemicals, no more and no less – nothing wasted.

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