G-C Sentry




G-C Sentry is a fast-reliable monitoring system that can automatically tell you when it is time to reorder your chemical treatment. G-C Sentry displays the liquid level in a clear, digital format and is designed to be a simple yet effective addition to your program management system.

Accurate and Easy-to-Read

  • A clear LED display provides a precise read-out of the chemical level in gallons.
  • At a glance, it displays the level range as Over, Max, Min/Reorder, Empty.

Easy Monitoring and Control

  • Connect to other controllers and monitoring systems with ease.
  • Easily set alarms, monitor levels, and better manage your program all from one place.
  • Can be set-up to tell you when it is time to reorder.

Works With All Chemicals and Container Sizes up to 9,999 gal.

  • Fits easily and securely with virtually all drums, pails, totes, etc.

Think Outside the Drum

  • Aside from your water treatment programs, it can be used to easily and quickly monitor practically any liquid level at your facility.


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