Reverse Osmosis

Garratt-Callahan’s reverse osmosis water treatment programs are designed to keep your plant operating efficiently by providing dechlorination, scale control and cleaning products to maintain the health of the RO and its pretreatment equipment. By controlling mineral deposits, debris build-up, and removing bio-film growth, our RO water programs can significantly reduce your energy and maintenance costs while helping you comply with environmental regulations.

Garratt-Callahan features a full product line of antiscalants to protect from multiple troublesome scales including carbonate, sulfate, silica and others. Our line of cleaners easily removes built up scale and biofilms. EPA registered biocides ensure a clean surface for future use.

The RO product line is enhanced by our troubleshooting service and pretreatment expertise.


Download and view the Garratt-Callahan Reverse Osmosis Brochure.

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