Request an MSDS/SDS

Garratt-Callahan Company is pleased to offer our Material Safety Data Sheets/Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS) to our customers. We also provide MSDS’s/SDS’s with every product container purchased from Garratt-Callahan. For next business day reply please email your requests to  Alternatively, you may call our Corporate Office at 650.697.5811 (8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Pacific Time).


In Case of Chemical/Medical Emergencies involving our products – chemical exposure via direct contact, ingestion, or inhalation – for immediate assistance, MSDS/SDS are available from Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug Center and CHEMTREC.

Please call 

For emergencies involving personal exposure:  1.800.222.1222       Rocky Mountain Poison Center  


For transportation related emergencies:   

800.424.9300 (Outside the U.S.A. call  – 703.527.3887)                 CHEMTREC  


Have the following information available for the Center’s medical staff:

Caller’s name
Caller’s company
Garratt-Callahan product name
Number and type of injury or exposure
Date and time of injury or exposure
A brief description of incident and actions taken
Fax or email address to receive MSDS/SDS



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