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Texas College Learns a Valuable Lesson About the True Cost of Water Treatment

A college in Texas operates on an annual budget, and the purchasing policy is to award service contracts to the lowest bidder. One year that meant that Garratt-Callahan, the incumbent water treatment provider, lost the contract to a low-ball bid from a rival contractor. But at the college’s next yearly budget review, it was clear that the change had led to higher equipment costs, reduced efficiency, and increased energy costs in the institution’s steam and chill water systems.

To return the systems to good working order, the college engaged Garratt-Callahan again. The institution’s long-time Garratt-Callahan field representative designed a plan to clean and normalize the systems, which are now producing efficiently and at lower energy costs. He also trained the college’s maintenance staff to test, treat, and maintain the system on their own.

By going back to Garratt-Callahan’s uncompromising levels of quality and service, the college has actually saved about $60,000 through lower energy and maintenance costs, not to mention the better longevity it can expect from its boilers and chill water systems.

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